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Microblading St Louis

Welcome and hello! Are you excited? We are! We are so pumped to tell you all about our company Microblading St Louis! The products we have, the services we provide, the way we run things! So tell us, are you tired of running late in the morning because of your makeup and or eyebrows?

Problem solved! We can take care of that for you so you look perfect all the time and have the look you want a day in and day out! How can you beat that? Just some of the services we provide that are very popular are:

  • Permanent makeup! This includes eyeliner, eyelids, lips, cheeks, face in general! You can get it all permanent.
  • Tattooed eyebrows.
  • Microshaded eyebrows.
  • Microbladed eyebrows.

Those are just the top most popular things that we provide that our customers can’t get enough of and just always come back wanting more! We are all about enhancing our customer's beauty and making them feel great and ready to take on the day!

About Microblading St Louis

We find it so important to make sure our customers leave happy! We don’t want them to leave unhappy with the job that was done to them. We strive to a bare minimum to meet their expectations, but we want to exceed their expectations so then they know that they can count on us doing the job right for them.

We want to be able to envision what they are imaging and to bring it to life for them to where they didn’t even expect us to make it possible to get exactly what they were wanting. That is why we talk a lot to our clients so then we can get in their head to picture what they are picturing and so then if we have a better idea we can recommend it to them because that is our job. To be the professional eye.

Our service and products are always kept new and improved. We educate ourselves and our employees on anything new that is entered into our field. We want to be able to provide the best service possible for our clients. So that in turn means that we do the absolute best for them by also using the best products!

Why Choose Microblading St Louis?

There are many reasons why customers choose us over other companies, but we will only be able to fill you in on some, or else we would be here all day! We serve the best permanent makeup in St Louis, along with eyebrows!

Our clients have informed us about how Permanent Makeup St Louis Mo that we do takes much better time on them. We use them as a canvas or art. You wouldn't rush through a painting, because it is supposed to be a masterpiece. That is how we see our clients. We see them as masterpieces, being perfected.

Just some things to know that are important about our companies are:

  • We are quick with our work
  • We are efficient and proactive with our work
  • We make sure we know exactly what our customers are wanting
  • We are open on weekends for those that work weekdays that wouldn’t be able to make it in to see us
  • We have great customer service
  • Free estimates
  • Trained professionals only

You can call us at any of our hours that we are open and can get a free estimate on anything you are inquiring about. We can book your appointment for your best convenience and answer all the other questions that you may have for us on the phone call.

What to Expect from Microblading St Louis

All of our products are new and up to date. We also find it very important to clean and sanitize the area completely before a new client is up next. We like keeping things in a step by step fashion and to keep things as organized as possible.

We find that the more we keep to the organized way that we can keep things from being chaotic and we have a much more successful company this way. We train our employees the correct way from the very beginning so they know what we expect out of them and for them to expect out of themselves along with their coworkers.

We work as a team and find that doing this makes things run much more smoothly. We communicate as much as possible. Not only with each other but also with our customers so then they know exactly what is going on and so they aren’t left in the dark not knowing what to expect.

Receiving our service is a very simple step by step process that our customers love because they know exactly what will be happening next. So this is how it would all go. Once you call and set up your appointment our worker will inform you of anything you may need to know.

Once your appointment comes up you will show up and see the station you will be located at is being cleaned and ready for your arrival. We want things to be as comfortable as possible for our customers because they will be with us for a couple of hours. After all, that's how long the appointments usually last.

We will sit with you and talk about what you are wanting and envisioning. In some cases, it's no problem and super simple and in other cases, we may recommend something else just in case our client is interested. If not though, no problem at all!

We will take a couple of hours to finish up your appointment, but after that, all that is left to do is paying for it. Simple right?

Our Services

st louis microblading services

Microblading Eyebrow St Louis

Microblading eyebrows is a simple procedure that does take a couple of hours to complete. During this process, a hand held tool is used that has the pigment wanted for your eyebrows. Microblading is short scratch strokes are put into your eyebrows to give it the fuller, thicker and sharper look while still looking natural.

st louis permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup St Louis

Permanent makeup is like a tattoo done on your face. It gives off the illusion that you have natural perfect makeup at all times. Many love our permanent eyeliner. We are also able to do lips, eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks. Whatever you want we can do.

st louis eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos St Louis

Permanent eyebrows are exactly what it sounds like. It is an eyebrow tattoo that you will permanently have. They don’t look nearly as natural as microblading does, but people still love it because they don’t have to touch it up. They have the look they want 24/7 with no worry of having to update it.

st louis permanent makeup

Microshading St Louis

Microshading is similar to microblading. You use a handheld tool, but instead of doing short strokes all through the eyebrows, you do little dots in the thin parts of the eyebrows that need filling out. Microshading eyebrows is also a very natural look that our customers love receiving.

Customer Reviews

I was disappointed by the eyebrow tattoo near me because any place I called they said they didn’t do eyebrow tattoos anymore, but Microblading eyebrows St Louis MO didn’t let me down! They had it and they did it! Wow, I can’t even express how thankful I was for their hard work and how seriously they took it to make it perfect! Thank you!

Hally P.

I went online and looked up permanent eyebrows near me and I found St Louis Microblading! I thought I wanted to go in to get tattoo eyebrows done, but when I talked to the worker and she told me about microblading I knew that it was the path for me! I was so excited and am still excited about how it all turned out! Thanks to you and your great team!

Molly T.

I looked up permanent makeup near me and found St Louis Permanent Makeup! I had been dying to find somewhere to go that could do my eyeliner permanently and eyeshadow just because I hate doing it every day and run out of time constantly! They did such a great job and I have the perfect look that I want 24/7 now!

Callie H.

About St Louis MO

St Louis is an important city in Missouri along the Mississippi river! St Louis is known for its huge arch that isn’t related to fast food! They are also very popular for their beer and baseball that they have going on there. The St Louis sales tax rate is 9.2% and the income tax rate is 6.9%.

The recent job growth is 0.7%, future job growth is 23.9%. The population of St Louis is 318,069. The cities and towns nearby and surrounding St Louis are:

  • Chesterfield, MO
  • Maryland Heights, MO
  • East Saint Louis, Illinois
  • Saint Ann, MO
  • Valley Park, MO
  • Fenton, MO
  • Venice, Illinois
  • East Carondelet, Illinois
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

What is microblading?

Microblading is where they do short strokes in your eyebrows that leave little pigment scratches to give the natural look that our customers are looking for! To get that fuller sharper look!

How long does microblading last?

Microblading lasts anywhere from 18 to 30 can do it for you and will let you know about any steps needed for each thing we do!

How much is microblading?

It depends on what you are planning on doing. Give us a call and get a free consult and we will give you all of the details.

Do tattoo brows look natural like eyebrow blading?

No it does not. Tattoo eyebrows are noticeably unnatural, but they still look nice and clean! Many still love getting this look.

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Contact Microblading St Louis today. We are the company you want to go to! We can make your dreams become reality and make you feel beautiful and confident again and without you having to keep up on what you want to be done! Stop waiting! Get that perfect permanent makeup look now! Or how about getting the perfect eyebrows? Permanent or semi-permanent! Unreal right? Keep reading our page and we will tell you all about our company and we can guarantee you will want to call us at the end of it!


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